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VIDEO: Building With Strüktek Panels

Watch the journey through the entire process of manufacturing and delivering Strüktek SIP panels, from start to finish. Key details are highlighted, showcasing how Strüktek SIP panels create a sustainable, efficient, and comfortable home from the ground up.


The Ultimate All-In-One Building System

Strüktek panels combine exceptional structural strength, superior insulation performance, and an airtight envell to ensure durability, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort. Builders benefit from a streamlined process, cost savings, and a high-quality, sustainable building solution.

Water Resistant

Vapour barriers keep your structure from mold and you will have the option to attach the barrier to your panel saving your days of on-site labour.

Disaster Resistant

Panels excel in strength, surpassing stick frame builds by 20-30%. They offer enhanced resistance to earthquakes, storms and ensure a secure structure.

No Air Leaks

Strüktek panels create airtight and secure building envelope, preventing the infiltration of outside air and maintaining optimal indoor climate control.

Building Code Compliance

Strüktek panels are code compliant and respect the equivalency set by the International Code Council body of building codes, which are used by most jurisdictions in North America. Please speak to a specialist for more information for your specific project.


Made Sustainably For

High Performance

Struktek panels are made with and EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam core laminated between two sheets of OSB (oriented strand board) using a structural adhesive.This approach creates a very robust construction panel that doesn’t require any additional support from a frame or skeleton.

Made In Canada

Strüktek panels are proudly manufactured in Canada using premium Canadian lumber.

Pre-cut & Ready To Assemble


With everything pre-cut like windows & doors and the seamless integration of electrical and plumbing systems, this ready-to-assemble system with eliminates the need for complex measurements and cuts, allowing for a streamlined and simplified construction experience while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality.

Strüktek panels are designed with integrated electrical channels or conduit spaces. These channels provide a dedicated pathway for electrical wiring, making the installation process more organized and efficient. The pre-designed channels help prevent tangled or exposed wires, reducing the risk of accidents during installation and maintenance.

Strüktek panels feature pre-designed plumbing chases or conduits that provide dedicated pathways for plumbing pipes. These chases streamline the installation process, ensuring accurate and efficient routing of plumbing lines throughout the building. The pre-cut and integrated plumbing chases save time and labor by eliminating the need for on-site pipe routing and reducing the risk of errors.

Strüktek ensures that each project can be customized to meet specific requirements and style preferences.

The superior strength of Strüktek panels provides a stable framework around windows, ensuring structural integrity. This stability helps windows withstand external forces such as high winds and seismic activity, enhancing the overall resilience of the building.

Save Over $3,000 Per Year On Electricity Bills.

Strüktek panels surpass traditional homes with their higher R-Value, absence of thermal bridging, and fewer joints requiring sealing, resulting in a remarkable 90% reduction in air leakage compared to stick-framed constructions. This exceptional airtightness not only minimizes ongoing utility bills but also translates into substantial savings by necessitating a smaller HVAC system, optimizing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Strüktek Vs Stick Frame

Strüktek outperforms traditional stick frame construction through its advanced features and design. With higher R-Value insulation, absence of thermal bridging, and superior airtightness, Strüktek panels deliver significantly better energy efficiency and reduced air leakage, resulting in lower utility bills and improved comfort. 


Construction Speed

With their pre-cut and ready-to-assemble nature, Strüktek panels eliminate the need for extensive on-site measuring, cutting, and assembly. This process accelerates timelines and reduces labor requirements, saving valuable time and resources.


Savings On Labour

Struktek panels require only 3-4 workers and a mere 7 days to complete the structure of a 2000 sq/ft house. In contrast the traditional stick frame method typically involves 5-8 workers and a lengthy 31-day timeframe.


More Sustainable

Struktek panels are 15 times more airtight than traditional stick-framed constructions. This superior energy efficiency, results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions, equivalent to half of what an average American consumer emits.

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7 Day Winter Installation

Strüktek panels offer unparalleled construction speed, enabling the completion of a house in just 7 days, regardless of the climate or terrain. The panels' versatility and adaptability allow for efficient assembly in various environmental conditions, including extreme weather or challenging terrains.

Strüktek Panels


Our ready-to-assemble pre-cut panels are meticulously crafted and precision-cut to fit seamlessly together, streamlining the construction process. With all necessary cuts made in our factory, these panels arrive at the job site ready for quick and efficient assembly.

Thickness & R-Value









Panel Dimensions





Specifications of SIP panels vary depending on the size and thickness of the panel. R-value can reach up to R-45 providing Additionally, a compression strength up to 50 pounds per square inch (psi) and a shear strength up to 150 psi. Please consult a Strüktek Specialist for specific requirements for your region and project.

Struktek panels are efficiently delivered to the designated job site on a flatbed truck, ensuring secure transportation. Once on-site, the installation team is provided with a comprehensive assembly guide, enabling them to effectively and accurately assemble the panels according to the building plans, streamlining the construction process and ensuring a smooth installation.


Strüktek Approved Installers

Strüktek Certified Installers are highly trained professionals who possess the expertise and knowledge to ensure the precise and efficient installation of Strüktek panels. With their specialized training and experience, they guarantee the proper assembly, airtight construction, and structural integrity of buildings using Strüktek panels


Recent Projects

Our recent projects showcase the versatility and excellence of Strüktek panels in various construction applications. From residential homes to commercial buildings, our panels have been utilized to create energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing structures.


Floor Plans & Building Plans

Our Strüktek building and floor plans offer a range of versatile and customizable options to suit diverse construction needs. With meticulous attention to detail, our plans incorporate efficient use of space, optimal functionality, and seamless integration of Strüktek panels. These plans provide a solid foundation for creating innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing structures.

KANÜT - 3 Bedroom


Björn - 2 Bedroom


Sigurd - 4 Bedroom



Get 20% Off Your Mini Suite

Our Strüktek mini suites are pre-fabricated structures that offer ready-to-deliver solutions for various needs. These compact yet functional suites can serve as guest houses, home offices, studios, or storage spaces. With the convenience of quick delivery and the durability of Strüktek panels, our mini suites provide versatile and practical solutions for expanding living or working spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions

Strüktek SIP panels are hailed as the ultimate all-in-one panels due to their unparalleled combination of features and benefits. These panels integrate multiple advantages into a single solution, streamlining the construction process and enhancing building performance.

The structural characteristics of SIPs are similar to that of a steel I-beam. The OSB facers act as the flange of the I-beam, while the rigid foam core provides the web. This design gives SIPs an advantage when handling in-plane compressive loads. SIPs are used for high wind designs in excess of 180 mph and are approved for Florida’s strict High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). The load-bearing area of SIPs is equivalent to building with 2 x 10 framing at 16 inches on center.

Electrical wires are pulled through pre-cut channels inside the core of the panels called “chases.” Chases are added during the manufacturing process according to the electrical design of the home. Electricians can feed wires through panel chases without compressing the insulation or drilling through studs.

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are high-performance building panels used in floors, walls, and roofs for residential and light commercial buildings. The panels are made by sandwiching a core of rigid foam plastic insulation between two structural facings, such as oriented strand board (OSB). Other skin materials can be used for specific purposes. SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be custom designed for each project. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy-efficient and cost effective. Building with SIPs will save you time, money and labor.

Builders can save money through decreased construction and labor costs. A high-performance building envelope often allows HVAC equipment to be downsized and ductwork to be minimized. Builders can also significantly reduce jobsite waste disposal and temporary heat during construction. Homeowners that incorporate other energy-efficient features into a SIP home can see utility savings of 50 percent or more. In a 2021 example for a typical 2,000 sf home, using SIPs saves over $16,000 in eliminated 2 x 4 raw material costs alone due to the high costs of lumber versus OSB used for SIPs.

Structural insulated panels are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems available. A SIP building envelope provides continuous insulation, is extremely airtight, allows for better control over indoor air quality, reduces construction waste, and helps save natural resources. Life cycle analysis has shown that SIP homes have a tremendous positive environmental impact by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the home’s life cycle. SIP designs can save 45% more CO2 with a 5.1 year energy payback and a 3.8 year greenhouse gas payback compared to stick framing examples.

Strüktek homes go up much faster than traditionally framed buildings. A properly trained installation crew can cut framing time by 80-55 percent compared to conventional wood framing, according to a third-party study conducted by R.S. Means. Panels are manufactured as big as 8-foot by 24-foot, so entire wall and roof sections can be put up quickly, reducing dry-in time. SIPs are ready to install when they arrive at the jobsite, eliminating the time needed to perform the individual jobsite operations of framing, insulating and sheathing stick framed walls. Electrical chases are typically provided in the core of panels, so there is no need to drill through studs for wiring.


Speak To A Strüktek Specialist

Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in Strüktek panels, enabling them to provide tailored guidance and recommendations. They can assist with design considerations, material selection, cost optimization, and ensure that your project maximizes the benefits of using Strüktek

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Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in Strüktek panels, enabling them to provide tailored guidance and recommendations. They can assist with design considerations, material selection, cost optimization, and ensure that your project maximizes the benefits of using Strüktek

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